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Warden's Report

About Warden's Report

Why Warden's Report was Started

We decided to start this site because of the outrageous amount of money that the towns' tax payers were spending on online burning permits. Also with a volunteer service residents were having trouble catching up with town fire wardens to obtain hand written permits (which are free) and this would push more people to the state site. It bothered me to see the amount of money that was being spent on a “Free Service.”

Our town was also spending $2,100 yearly for town wardens to write permits. Hand written permits are great, but there is no way for everyone to know that a hand written permit has been issued. On top of that, there is no data collection of hand written permits. So I thought something had to be done, and I came up with "Warden's Report".

The site went live in West Gardiner at the end of 2012. With moderate advertising, the site started to take off. Since the start of 2013, has written around 100 permits and the state site has issued 7, saving town residents approximately $350.00, not to mention the $2,100 that was cut off the town’s budget.

Over the last couple months Warden's report has picked up other towns along with the State Forest Service and some dispatch centers allowing all permits to be at their finger tips.

About Us

Hey Fellow Firefighters. My name is Gary Hickey II. I have lived in central Maine my whole life. In 2001, at the age of 18, I joined my town’s volunteer fire department (West Gardiner), along with my best friend Chris Mclaughlin. After graduating high school, I went to the University of Maine at Augusta for criminal justice, with plans of being a police officer. I spent the next few years doing a lot of trainings with the fire department and fell in love with the job. Chris was working on a Bachelor’s degree in business administration at The University of Southern Maine. After graduating from Orono, Chris went onto EMS and started working as a career firefighter for the city of Gardiner and is current employed by the city of Augusta. After taking some time off from school and working for my family’s construction business, Chris talked me into going back to school for EMS, and I now currently work for the city of Gardiner as a firefighter. I also went back to the University of Maine Fort Kent where I got my reserve officer certification and currently work for the town of Richmond as a part time police officer. We are both still currently living in West Gardiner, and are going on our 12th year of volunteering for the town.

Warden’s Report

Offering Communities Free Online Burning Permits!!

What is Warden’s Report

Warden's Report is an online site, where residents from participating towns/cities can go to obtain free burning permits. It also allows Fire Chiefs, Dispatchers, Forest Rangers and Town Wardens to access a data base so they can view all active permits, as well as old permits.

It’s a fast and simple way for Fire Chiefs/Warden’s to keep track of all the fire permits that are being issued in their town. Warden’s Report is also a fast and easy way for residents to get a burning permit and not have to use their time and gas tracking someone down that can write a permit.

One of its greatest features is the “Map Link” under the login. This is found on all permits. This allows for dispatch to pinpoint smoke investigations that may be permitted burns. It also gives dispatch directions at their finger tips to relay to first responders if they are dispatched to an address that their not familiar with.

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Warden's Report vs. State Site

  • Permits are free to Residents, State charge $7.00 per permit.
  • Chief/ Warden set and control “Times to Burn”, State starts at 5pm.
  • Permits are good for one day, State permits are good for two day but class day may change.
  • Can text permits to multiple phones/emails, state site only text 4 addresses.
  • Text gives contact number to person getting permit

Extra Features

  • Dispatch and State Forest Rangers have access to view all active and old permits.
  • Map Link on permit so Dispatch, Chief/Warden and Rangers can get quick directions to burn site.


  • Chiefs/Wardens can edit information for their city easily.
  • Have login access to view all active permits and can search permits from the past.
  • Town terms and condition can be edited.
  • Burning permits can be shut off at anytime.
  • Class 3 days can be overridden if Chief/Warden feels it's appropriate.
  • Text number list can be edited by Chief/Warden.
  • How To Get It

    • Have your town's fire chief contact us and we'll add you to the system!

    Contact Information

    Warden's Report
    984 Hallowell-Litchfield Road
    West Gardiner, Maine 04345

    Gary Hickey (207) 441-7135
    Chris McLaughlin (207) 522-6306